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Kirtling Garage, near Newmarket, Suffolk, offers MOT Testing and preparation together with full mechanical services including annual services. Call our service reception on 01638 730362.

We carry out repairs on all engines, both new and old and can supply tyres, brakes, exhausts, batteries, shock absorbers, air conditioning services etc. We also undertake accident repairs and Insurance work and offer a restoration services on all makes of car of any age.

Our staff consists of Dan and Josh who are our service department technicians, Maurice and Lester Jnr who carry out all body shop repairs, Lyssa and Chris who oversee the two departments and Chris and Lester who are both hands on owners of the business. Between us all we have over 200 years experience covering all aspects of motor vehicle repair work

We offer a friendly service and pride ourselves in our extensive knowledge of modern and older vehicles. We are an established family run business who have been in the village of Kirtling, near Newmarket, Suffolk for the past 30 years and are pleased to welcome all new and existing customers.

news : Winter 2013


Be prepared – is your vehicle ready for winter?

There are things you can do at the start of winter before the bad weather to pre­pare your vehicle and reduce the chances of breaking down.

Check your vehicle is in good running order make sure tyres have got plenty of tread and consider regular servicing to help mi­imise the risk.

If you’re going away check what the forecast says for your return journey and if you’re travelling some distance remember to check the weather at your destination and along the route too.

Gather together the following items and pack in your vehicle at the start of the winter season you never know when you might need them!

  • Ice scraper and de-icer
  • Warm clothes and blankets — for you and all passengers
  • Torch and spare batte­ies — or a wind-up torch
  • Boots
  • First aid kit
  • Jump leads
  • A shovel
  • Road atlas
  • Sun­glasses (the glare off win­ter sun can be dazzling)

In addition when setting out on journeys during the winter season remember to take with you:

  • Food and a flask with a hot drink
  • Any medication you or other people travelling with you need to take regularly

Check that your vehicle is ready for winter using the POWDERY check­list as a good reminder:

  • PETROL (or diesel). Have you got enough? Do you know where to fill up?
  • OIL — check levels once a month
  • WATER — check radiator and screen­wash regularly
  • DAMAGE — check wipers lights etc for signs of wear and tear or damage and make sure windscreens, windows and lights are clear of ice and snow.
  • ELECTRICS — check lights, indicators and controls are working properly
  • RUBBER TYRES — are they well inflated, legal, with good tread and free from damage?
  • YOU — are you fit to drive? Have you slept well? Are you taking any medication that could make it unsafe for you to drive?


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Bodywork and Servicing


Kirtling Garage bodywork, servicing and MOTs

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Thanks to our new purposely designed oven we paint modern cars using water based materials designed for today's world, However on classic and historic vehicles we still use traditional paint to keep the finish original.

Air Conditioning is now available here


Most car owners do not tend to get their car air conditioner serviced regularly, the A/C system may only receive attention when it fails. However, air conditioners should be serviced professionally each year.

Regular service will extend the life of your air conditioning system by addressing potential problems before they occur.

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